Startup Toolbox



Startup Toolbox, conceived of by Gates Institute Advisory Board member and real estate executive Ann Sperling, is another important part of the bench-to-bedside operating philosophy of Gates Institute and the Anschutz Medical Campus. Startup Toolbox is co-administered with CU Innovations and provides researchers essential services that are not traditionally funded by medically-oriented grants. These commercialization resources include support for financial modeling and business plans, as well as assistance with regulatory strategy and corporate formation. The novel platform also includes legal strategy and guidance, product development, and Small Business Innovation Resources (SBIR) consultants.

As a member of the Gates Grubstake Fund’s Scientific Investment Advisory Committee with extensive experience as a top-level executive, Ann has provided valuable insight for promising regenerative medicine opportunities. She has also heard from those researchers regarding their desire for help outside of the sciences in building a business plan, or accessing guidance in intellectual property, regulatory or legal challenges. Her goal and the goal of the Startup Toolbox is to lower the barrier to commercialization in advancing more regenerative medicine opportunities, and to allow Gates Institute members to focus more of their time in the lab developing the science.

To Apply

Gates Institute members researching and developing regenerative medicine related technologies are eligible for exclusive Startup Toolbox funding through the Gates Institute. Eligible technologies include therapeutics, diagnostics, manufacturing, and platforms. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis.

For additional information, please see here and feel free to direct any questions to Gates Institute's Venture Fellow Phoebe Cao, or Gates Institute’s Entrepreneur in Residence and CU Innovations Director of Licensing Heather Callahan