Organoid Core

Intestinal Organoids Generated in the Oganoid CoreThe Organoid Core provides Gates Institute members with full access to state-of-the-art organoid technologies and expert technical support to utilize these innovative techniques to develop models of human diseases. The core will provide access and training in current and emerging 3D organoid technologies associated with iPSC-derived and adult stem cell-derived organoid systems. Specifically, the core will provide 1) training, protocols and consulting services for organoid production and 2) for advanced experimental applications including organoid assay development and 3D live-cell imaging. The core will also provide 3) specialized and subsidized tissue culture media and reagents for organoid production and 4) access to established mouse and human organoid lines. In addition, the core will provide genome editing and gene expression technologies (piggyBac Transposon and lentiviral gene expression systems) for adult stem cell-derived organoid models that compliment iPSC-specific services provided by the Stem Cell Biobank and Disease Modeling core.

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