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The Stem Cell Biobank and Disease Modeling Core (SCB&DM core) offers complete services related to the production of high quality human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from patient-derived somatic cells and genetic engineering of iPSCs. 

The core employs a patent-pending, RNA-based methodology to reprogram dermal fibroblasts, urine derived renal epithelial cells, and amniotic fluid derived stem cells into iPSCs. The RNA-based technology eliminates the possibility of confounding insertional mutagenesis events and consistently reprograms healthy, disease-assocated and aged/senecent somatic cells into high-quality iPSCs with an ultra-high efficiency (up to 90%). The core also reprograms peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) using an episomal-based reprogramming approach and assists in the isolation of PBMCs from preipheral blood.

In addition to reprogramming services, the core provides genome engineering services using CRISPR/Cas to modify genes of interest in human iPSCs. Genome editing services include (1) the development of iPSC-based lineage tracing models, (2) specific correction and introduction of disease-associated mutations in human iPSCs and (3) the generation of isogenic pairs of genetically corrected and unmodified iPSCs by simultaneous reprogramming and gene editing of patient’s somatic cells. We also produce custom-made modified mRNAs encoding a variety of factors for transient transfection into cells of interests.


Reprogramming and iPSC Services​

  • Establish patient-derived fibroblasts, urine-derived renal epithelial cells, fetal amniotic fluid-derived cells, PBMCs, etc.
  • Reprogram primary cells using episomes or non-integrating modified mRNAs and miRNAs
  • iPSC characterization (pluripotency staining, karyotyping, etc.)
  • Fully characterized, wild-type iPSCs reprogrammed using mRNA available for purchase

Gene Editing Services

  • Experimental design (gene knock-out (INDEL), knock-in (HDR), mutation correction (ssODN))
  • iPSC transfection and gRNA functional characterization
  • Clonal iPSC expansion and genotype confirmation

mRNA Services

  • Reprogramming RNAs available for purchase
  • Ready-to-transfect Cas9 modified mRNA (SpCas9, SpCas9n, eSpCas9(1.1), HypaCas9, SpCas9-hGEM)
  • A complete spectrum of fluorescent mRNAs
  • See our complete list of mRNAs here​
  • Custom cloning and in vitro transcription for any cDNA of interest

Biobanking Services​

  • Programmable, controlled-rate liquid nitrogen freezer for freezing cells
  • Vapor-phase liquid nitrogen storage tanks

If you need additional information, or would like to see how we can assist with your research needs, please contact us​.​​​

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