Gene Editing

The core utilizes the CRISPR/Cas9 system to achieve gene editing in iPSCs and somatic cells.

Experimental design and reagent acquisition 
Targeting strategy and design1 week
gRNA and ssODN synthesis2-4 weeks
Vector synthesis (if applicable)6-8 weeks
Modify cells (mixed cell pool) 
Nucleofection into target cells2-3 weeks
Genome editing verification1-2 weeks
Single-cell expansion, genome editing confirmation 
Picking/expanding clones4-5 weeks
Colony screening (T7E1, ddPCR, etc)2-3 weeks
Sanger Sequencing2-3 weeks
iPSC clone characterization, expansion, biobanking 
Cell recovery, culturing, expansion2-4 weeks
Sequencing Targeted Region1-2 weeks
Pluripotency Staining1 week
Karyotyping2 weeks
Identity and mycoplasma testing1 week
Freezing1 week
Total:22-32 weeks
 Add 6-8 weeks for synthesis of targeting plasmid if required


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