Modified mRNA 

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In vitro-transcribed mRNA offers several distinct advantages for ectopic gene expression compared to more common plasmid- or viral-based expression systems:

  • Non-integrating - Eliminates the possibility of insertional mutagenesis
  • Efficient Delivery – mRNA only needs to cross a single plasma membrane to enter the cytoplasm, where translation occurs. mRNA can have significantly higher transfection efficiencies than plasmids in some cell lines
  • Controlled expression – Dosage can be finely tuned by simply transfecting more or less mRNA
  • Rapid expression – Functional protein is translated quicker since transcription/polyadenylation/nuclear export does not need to occur
  • Transient expression – Plasmid- and viral-based expression can be detrimentally stable, or even permanent if random DNA integration occurs

Features of our modified mRNA:

  • 100% modified using 5-methyl-cytosine (5mC) and pseudouridine (ψ) to better mimic endogenous mRNA and reduce innate-immunity stimulation
  • Poly(A) tail introduced via transcription template so all Poly(A) tails are identical in length 
  • Capped using anti-reverse cap analog (ARCA) for increased mRNA translation efficiency
  • DNase treated to remove DNA transcription template
  • Phosphatase treated to further reduce innate immune response
  • 5’ UTR includes Kozak consensus sequence for optimal translation efficiency
  • 3’ UTR derived from human β-globin gene, shown to increase mRNA stability
  • Highly-competitive price
  • Bulk discounts are available (up to 30% off)

The SCB&DM core has a growing library of mRNAs for purchase. We can also provide custom cloning and synthesis services for your gene of interest. Contact us to inquire about custom orders to suit your experimental needs.


Reprogramming mRNAs

Pre-Mixed Reprogramming mRNAs 3:1:1:1:1:1 mix of
M3O : SOX2 : KLF4 : cMYC : LIN28A : NANOG
M3OHuman OCT4 fused to MyoD transactivation domain

Cas9 variants

SpCas9wild-type Cas9
eSpCas9(1.1)High Fidelity Cas9
HypaCas9High Fidelity Cas9
SpCas9nCas9 nickase
SpCas9-hGEMCas9 fused to Geminin for enhanced HDR

Other Useful cDNAs

PuroRPuromycin Resistance
CreCre Recombinase

Fluorescent Proteins


Fluorescent Proteins













*Brightness = extinction coefficient x quantum yield. For reference, EGFP brightness = ~34.

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