Histology (Morphology & Phenotyping) Core


The Histology Core provides investigators and their research teams with the tools, knowledge, and technical expertise needed to process and analyze their tissue samples. We offer a wide variety of services including paraffin and optimal cutting temperature (OCT) embedding, sectioning of frozen and paraffin blocks, as well as routine (hematoxylin and eosin) and special staining for all types of tissues. We accept all special requests.


This Histology Core uses updated automated equipment for the best quality results. 

  • VIP 5 Tissue processor
  • Histostar embedding Unit
  • Automated Cassette printer
  • Pslim Slide printer
  • Automated glass coverslipper
  • Microm microtomes and cryostat
  • Slide stainer


  • The core uses top-quality Japanese slides made for IHC and IF staining that provide a superior hold of the tissue even during extreme heating processes.
  • Top-quality Histology Grade reagents that are premixed are used.
  • Well-trained and experienced Histology Technicians.


Contact Information

Email: Gateshistologyservices@cuanschutz.edu 
Phone: (303) 724-0562
Address: 12700 E 19th Ave, P15-4430A, Aurora, CO 80045


Core Director: Igor Kogut, PhD
Core Manager/Histotechnician: Laura Hoaglin, HT(ASCP)
Histology Laboratory Assistant: Bethanie Hoaglin



Gates Institute

CU Anschutz

Anschutz Health Sciences Building

1890 N Revere Ct

Mailstop L606

Aurora, CO 80045


Gates Biomanufacturing Facility

12635 East Montview Blvd

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